Winter Style

Over the last few years, from about November all the way through April, I probably let out an “I hate winter” at least once a day.

Truthbomb…..probably more.   I am not a fan of bundling up, chapped lips and dry skin and if you know me AT ALL – I hate coats!  (Let’s get something outta the way right now – jackets are different!)

But all that layering and bundling up doesn’t mean you have to LOOK frumpy.  As a matter of fact, all that layering can look really on point!

Every season comes with a few key investment pieces that can keep your style looking fresh and up-to-date…..even during the winter….even during the winter!

My 4 Staple Pieces For Winter

Stylish Boots:  I LIVE in my boots!  Seriously, I am not a one-season-only boot girl.  Just give me all the boots.   And a great pair of black boots will be so versatile you can literally pair them with anything – dressing them up or down. I tend to gravitate to a western style boot and my favorites are Old Gringo. But if I was forced to choose just ONE boot (laaaaawd help me!) to take me through all the seasons,  I’m a huge fan of Hunter boots! You could call my affinity for Hunter boots an obsession.  They aren’t just for rainy days, either!  Seriously……these boots are both totally fashionable AND functional – especially if you grab the tall rain Hunter in matte black – they literally go with everything!  But if black isn’t your color – don’t you worry…they have a whole atalrray to choose from!  And even better?  If you DO land yourself someplace muddy, they are so easy to clean.

Dark Skinny Jeans:  Did you know the darker the denim, the more flattering to your figure?  No wonder dark denim is a staple for all year long, but especially during the winter months.  Even if you aren’t a fan of skinny jeans, trust me when I tell you they’re worth it.  No struggling to get them inside your boot – they tuck inside perfectly – and if you’re a fan of oversized soft sweaters, well your skinny jeans will balance your outfit so you don’t get that frumpy winter look.  Dark skinny jeans – and black skinny jeans (I’m a fan!) can be dressed up or down so it’s worth investing in a really good pair because you’ll wear them a LOT.  I’m not gonna lie to you – for me, trying on jeans is almost as traumatic as trying on bathing suits, but it’s totally worth it to head out to a few stores armed with your patience and a good friend and try on as many as you can.  Finding THE perfect fit for your body is key and not only does it make it easier the next time you go shopping for jeans but also, the better the brand, the longer they will live in your closet.  I wear jeans pretty much on a daily basis and my perfect fits range in brand AND prices:  7 For All Mankind, American Eagle, AG, Buckle brand……I promise – you can’t go wrong investing in a great pair of dark denim skinny jeans!

A Great Cardigan:  Okay….I might be slightly obsessed with cardigans!  Truth is – I’ve always loved them and they are pretty much a staple in my closet.  Seriously….I got the heavy & warm down to the spring/summer lightweight and every single thing in between.   Cardigans are like boots – I can’t possibly choose just one!  But if I absolutely HAD to, I would choose a cardigan that is a little bit oversized with drop shoulders, pockets (essential!), and either black or charcoal gray because various shades of both dominate my closet.  This one has been a huge seller for us and everyone that grabs it – LOVES it!

A Great Sweater:  Remember – you get what you pay for.  Cashmere is my absolute favorite in sweaters but let’s face it – cashmere can be pricey.  It’s warm but still fairly lightweight (which is huge for me – I don’t do anything heavy) and so much softer than wool (I don’t do wool!)…..and if you care for it properly can last a lifetime.  Polyester or a poly blend sweater is not as pricey and can be just as soft and cozy…..a great alternative if you aren’t ready to lay down the money for cashmere.  This sweater has been a number one seller for me and one of my personal favorites!  It washes up nice and I’ve had no problems with any shrinkage.  And that’s important because who wants shrunk up sleeves!?

Cold weather months in Michigan……6 months!  And since hibernating isn’t an option for me (because I totally would if I could), these are my 4 straight-from-my-closet picks to keep you looking fabulous all winter long……even if your teeth are chattering.  😉

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