Why I’m All About The Mindset Stuff!

Some people are all in to having a positive mindset.  Some are so into it that it almost seems like fluff stuff to the people who have a more negative mindset.  Trust me, this is not some fluffy method for finding your inner bliss, nor does it require you to scale a mountain and sit cross-legged while chanting ohms and stuff like that. (But those things can’t hurt!)

A positive mindset is much more than that and it’s serious business.  It can be difficult to grab hold of and just as difficult to jeep it until it becomes a habit and ingrained in who you are.  If you’re trying to run any kind of business, it’s absolutely necessary.  If you’re trying to lose weight, it can give you a big boost to your self esteem.  But more than either of those things, a positive mindset just makes for a happier, healthier life.

A positive mindset helps you stay better focused on the goal instead of the obstacles to that goal.  It helps you keep the big picture of things in the forefront of your mind.  And when obstacles do appear in your life or business – and they will –  a positive mindset helps you discover solutions and ways to overcome those obstacles instead of just sitting still and staring at them.

On the opposite hand is a negative mindset. Having a negative mindset can make even the smallest problem seem insurmountable.  (I used to hold the title of “Queen of Making A Mountain Out Of A Molehill”!!!)  It causes you to worry so much about the event that you shut yourself and your mind off from finding possible solutions.  It also leads many people to give up before they’ve even started.  (Mmmm hmmmmm.  Sound familiar?)

Here are a few things that a negative mindset can give you:

  • A poor mindset leads to overreacting to situations.
  • A poor mindset leads to making poor decisions.
  • A poor mindset keeps you from seeing solutions to problems.


By working towards creating a better mindset and handling problems with grit and grace, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the problems you face.

Here are a few things that a positive mindset can give you:

  • A positive mindset helps you react to situations in a mature, logical method.
  • A positive mindset helps you make well thought-out decisions using facts instead of emotions.
  • A positive mindset helps you find solutions to problems and keeps the problems from seeming like they are too big.


A positive mindset energizes you while a negative mindset drains your energy.   If you’re always thinking negative about things and worried about how big your problems and obstacles are, you already know how draining this can be.  You’re probably always tired or never feel like a go-getter.  You probably do just enough work on a project to get by.  Or you do just enough exercise to say you’ve done something.  And no matter what you do accomplish, it never leaves you feeling good about yourself because more negative thoughts tend to creep in and steal what little joy you could be celebrating.

A positive mindset, while it can be a challenge, helps prepare you for the challenge.  You may not solve every single problem you have, but when you have a healthy mindset, you see obstacles more as a way to push yourself and to grow as an individual. It also leaves you feeling more energized.  Even if you’re physically tired, you feel good about yourself and how you’ve handled situations.  You already know you’re on your way to finding a solution and you’re open to the possibility that it may not be the solution you expect, but it will work out in the end.

If you’re a negative thinker, start now to change your mind.  It sounds simple, but it will take some work.  Every time you realize your thoughts are drifting to a negative side or negative outlook, simply reel them back in and start pointing them towards a more positive way.

What’s one negative thought that you have all the time that you could start working on today?  Let me know in the comments!

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