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What’s A Capsule Wardrobe?

Have you ever stepped up to your closet and stood there for 15 minutes thinking “I have nothing to wear!”   C’mon….we all do it.  Even if we have a closet completely bursting at the seams.

Well, I’m about to tell you all about the “Capsule Wardrobe” and that’s gonna solve so many of our problems!

What IS a Capsule Wardrobe?  Well, there’s certain super essential pieces that every woman should have in her closet.  They’re referred to as “capsule” because they’re all pretty much timeless pieces that you’ll see the most fashionable women in history wearing throughout the years and they never go out of style.  You’ll see a lot of that inside Reckless Grace Boutique!

We all love to shop the trends of the season (me included!) but the truth is, shopping only the trends will leave you not only broke but with a closet full of pieces that you’re going to have to replace the next time that season rolls around.  And who on earth can afford to do that?

So let’s talk about the Capsule Wardrobe……and when you get yours in place, you’ll be able to add your seasonal trendy pieces to it and always look effortlessly styled!

  • Black Cami Style Top

Cami’s are an essential piece for your Capsule Wardrobe!  In the warmer months they can be worn alone and dressed up or down, and in the colder months they look fabulous under a partially buttoned up blouse or cardi.  Having a few in black + gray and neutral tones is a great place to start because those colors are pretty versatile and can be worn under most everything.

  • Patterned Cami Style Top

Sometimes a girl just wants a little bit extra!  A patterned cami gives you the same styling options as a black or neutral cami but with a little more personality!  I always reach for animal print.  Always.  Give me leopard or zebra!

  • Black + White + Graphic Tee

All of the above!  Although the Livin’ On A Prayer tee was one of my favorites, I’m not really a fan of crew necks.  For me or for anyone else.  (I’m giving you permission to go grab the scissors and get to work on those crew neck tee’s!)  I always keep black + charcoal gray + white tee’s in my closet and girl, I’ll be honest….I have a slight addiction to graphic tees!  But it’s not JUST a tee!  Grab a great blazer or jacket, make sure your jewelry is on point and you’re ready to go.  Looking completely pulled together.

  • Leather Jacket

If you have only ONE choice for a jacket, choose a leather jacket!  It doesn’t even matter if it’s real leather or vegan leather…..but you need a leather jacket!  This piece is something that will give you so many different options!  Toss it on over that cami or tee…..paired over a dress… can wear it over a sweater, a blouse, your overalls…..the options are endless!  You can even pair it with a pencil skirt, heels and a blouse and your styled on point for a day at the office.

  • Blazer


So many choices with a blazer!  If you can only choose one, obviously pick a neutral-ish color that will go with over half of your wardrobe.  For me – that’s black.  But that’s not your only choice!  Blazer styles have expanded!  Short. Long. Fitted. Boxy. Short patterned sleeves.  Long sleeves that look great left long or cuffed up.

  • Crisp White Button Down

This is a MUST HAVE!  (Well, all these pieces are and that’s the whole purpose of this blog post!)  A good white button down is probably one of the most timeless pieces you can have in your closet and it offers up so many pairing options!  I always like to go up a size when buying one because I just prefer that “slightly oversized” look but that also gives me even more styling options because being a little loose in fit allows me to wear pieces under it without looking like the buttons are about to pop.  A crisp white button down paired with your jeans and a great pair of shoes or sandals is always a classic look…..but you can go from classic to trendy just by adding jewelry or the shoes that you pick.  One of my favorite styles to wear is distressed skinny jeans, my white button down tied loosely at the waist and a pair of mules.  But in the blink of an eye, I can pair it with black dress pants or a pencil skirt, some heels or booties and my black blazer or leather jacket and have an entirely different look!

  • Dressy Blouse

I am not a dressy gal at all.  I feel most comfortable in my jeans. (Okay…#truthbomb – my sweats!)  But there’s gonna be those times for all of us when “dressy” is required.  But even when I dress up, I still need to feel like me.  Choose something that is going to put that dressy outfit at the level you need it to be, but will also pair great with your jeans or faux leather leggings.

  • Neutral Cardigan

One of my favorite pieces to throw on from Fall straight through until Spring is a cardi!  I’m not a fan of coats (but in Michigan, sometimes they’re necessary) so if I can opt for a cardi I’ll always choose that.  And my closet might be full of them.  But if you only want one or two to choose from, make it black, gray or a neutral.  And if you can make it work for all the seasons, even better!  I love this gray fur trimmed cardi and I have worn it like crazy over the winter.  It literally goes with everything!  And best part?  It’s lightweight and the fur is removable so when spring finally gets here, I will remove the gorgeous fur and have a spring cardi.

  • Faux Leather Leggings

Girls!  You are going to see leather + faux leather everywhere!  Faux leather leggings have been trending like crazy the past year and they are not going anywhere for 2020!  You’ll see leather skirts, dresses, accessories….but what’s trending is a whole different blog entry!  When I need to dress it up?  I grab my faux leather leggings.

  • Denim + Black Denim

A great pair of jeans is everything!  Now, this whole blog post is about your Capsule Wardrobe, right?  But listen….it’s totally up to you how many pieces you put in it!  Personally, I have several pair of “favorite jeans” and I’m not about to part with any of them!  But a pair of great fitting jeans is an absolute must……and then a great fitting pair of black jeans is also a must!  Black jeans are so versatile and take any outfit up a notch.

In addition to these timeless pieces, don’t forget

  • Black Booties – pick a really cute pair that can be worn with any style you’re going for.
  • Black Mules – so classic but easily styled with trendy pieces!

So there’s a start to your Capsule Wardrobe!  Having these timeless pieces in your closet is going to help end that “I have nothing to wear” morning ritual because they each provide so many styling options… matter where your off to!

I’d love to know in the comments what your “must have” closet essentials are!






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