What’s Your Weak Spot?

Let’s face it.  We allllll have them, right?

It could be anything!  Or, if you’re anything like me, it could be multiple things. Yep….I said it.  There are multiple things about me that are my weak spots.

But this one particular thing I’m going to talk about today isn’t just a weak spot for me….it’s a weak spot for tons and tons of women!  Don’t believe me?  Well, in truth, I thought I was the only unlucky one until I was in Ulta one day and had to disclose my weakness to the salesgirl in order to get some help.

I started telling her my problem in a really quiet voice so nobody nearby could hear me and discover my weak spot because I’d been covering it up #likeaboss and there was no reason to reveal it to the world now!

Her response to me?  “Oh my gosh, girl!  You are NOT alone!” 

Wait. Really?  You mean I’m not the only one on this earth walking around wondering where in the hell her eyebrows went????  YAAASSSSSS!!!!!!

Turns out there’s a whole bunch of us!  Seriously though…..I think we should start a club.

So now you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about and exactly why I decided to devote a whole blog entry about my missing eyebrows. Right?

Well…..that’s easy.  First…..because I found out I’m not alone! That girl actually said to me “if you only knew how many women – of alllll ages – come in and tell us this very same thing”.  BOOM!

The second reason this deserves a whole blog post is because what she handed me to buy was a LIFESAVER!  Okay, so maybe not a lifesaver but for real, a brow saver!

The truth of the matter is that your brows – or lack thereof – can seriously age you.  And who the hell wants that?  No thank you!

As for me, well… lack in the brow area began at a super young age when I discovered my dads razor in the shower!  I was young….and having nothing to shave off my legs, well…..the next best thing was – you guessed it – my brows!

Even though they obviously grew back, they never really grew back full. And then of course, the tweezing age came and I took to tweezing like a crazy girl because apparently my goal was a razor thin brow.

Oh. Laaaawd.

I literally have gone through my whole life with THE ugliest, thinnest brows hoping nobody would notice. 🙂

But oh mercy….then menopause hit!

I went through that earlier than most women do because about the time my body started playing tricks on me with that whole peri-menopause crap, my personal life had tons of stress.  Taking care of my mom and her fading health and also my older brother that was going through some very serious health issues (but he’s okay, thank you God!) kinda put my whole system into a tailspin.

I was a lucky one.  Although I faced all the hot flashes and mood swings, I didn’t gain weight.  In fact, I actually lost a ton of weight. Like about 15lbs in one year. And although for a hot minute I LOVED continuously buying new clothes because I kept dropping weight, I actually looked awful. Sick.  124lbs down to 111lbs was not a good look.

The one thing that DID happen?  MY BROWS!

Hahahaha!  I couldn’t afford to lose even one tiny little hair, but oh laaaawd – did I ever!  My brows, ever since menopause, are basically non-existent.

Just random areas of small groups of hair and what in the hell am I suppose to do with that!?

Well, I thought about tattooing them on. (Expensive)  Microblading. (Expensive). And I’ll be honest….the thought of laying there while a tiny needle pokes me just above my eye, and then having to repeat that to maintain them?

Nope. #iaintdoinit

I’ve always loved Benefit products. I’ve used Benefit Brow products for the last 2 years at least.  But something was missing. I still felt like I had to try to hide my brows because they just didn’t look right.  And if I was out at the barn on a 90* day messing with Ry and started sweating…..guess what happened!

Hahahahaha!  Now there’s a pretty look. Missing brow areas because of sweat.

Yep….me and my brows have always been a hot mess.

So……back to my #2 reason for this blog post!  If I believe in something…if I think something really works and there’s more women that will benefit from it (because according to the Ulta girl, I am so not the only one that has this issue!), I NEED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!!!


Benefit Ka-Brow!

Seriously though…..why hasn’t anyone ever told me about this stuff before!?

Benefit ka-BROW!


There are several shades to choose from to match your hair/skin coloring and those Ulta girls will be more than happy to help you get the right shade.

And this stuff is so super easy to use!

It’s not a liquid…’s more like a creamy wax.

The top is a super convenient, perfect – size – for – getting – it – right brush and you do NOT need a lot.  I barely dab that brush in because you don’t want a ton on the end of it….that will just make applying tougher.

I start with my Benefit Eyebrow Pencil……

Benefit Precisely Brow Pencil

I can draw my eyebrow on with the ease and precision of this pencil (I use Shade #3) and start filling it in with quick, tiny strokes.

Then I use the KaBoom!  This application gives little “hair-like” strokes and really fills in those bare areas without making it look entirely drawn on.

And the BEST part?  It’s totally smudge proof!  I used to worry about touching my face for fear of taking off part of my eyebrow……but not now!

There’s just some things I can’t live without….and now this stuff is one of them. So girls….if you’re anything at all like me and have brow problems, well……don’t live in Brow Hell any longer!

Run – don’t walk – straight to your nearest Ulta.  And if you don’t have one in your area, you can order from them online at Ulta!

Seriously though….go grab it.

You’re welcome!


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