Mind,  The Journey

What Consumes Your Mind…

…controls your life!

Writing about gratitude seems so, well…….almost ordinary.  (And I am not a fan of ordinary!)

Everywhere your eyes fall these days, someone is telling you to start changing your mindset and practice gratitude.  Am I right?  (Ummmm…..including ya girl right here.)

But why?

Because it makes soooo much sense!

I believe in it.

I practice it.

And I’m hooked.

And I’m hoping over the next several days, I’m gonna get YOU hooked right along with me!

So…what does it do?  Does it make a difference?

First of all – YES!  It makes a huge difference!  Did you happen to listen to the podcast episode “Ain’t Nobody Like You, Girl”?  Okay so, if you didn’t listen to it, I spoke a little bit about gratitude in that episode and I even handed you a little challenge.  If you wanna go back and listen to it (and hey, why not try the challenge as long as you’re over there!)  here’s the iTunes and Desktop/Android links!

You might be surprised by what happens as you begin.  Not gonna lie – beginning can be the hardest step of all!  There will be days when you think nothing worth writing about happened – or maybe it was just a really shitty day altogether – but as you quiet yourself and begin to think about your day, you’ll be reminded of good things that appeared…..even if it was little things in midst of all the shitty.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the things we do every day and forget or overlook the good things along the way.

I like sitting down with my notebook to write in the evenings. Usually right before bed.  It honestly seems like I’m almost programming my mind just before I go to sleep to see life as good and full of blessings.  And I’m a huge believer that positive energy attracts positive energy…….but the same is true for negative.  So stay away from those thoughts!

Sometimes when you first start out intentionally practicing gratitude, you’ll find out how negative you were before deciding to create this new way of thinking.  (Even if you think you weren’t, many of us have that “oh good Lord” moment”.)

You might be thinking, “Ummmm, yeah Robin – I’d totally love to have positive energy in my life!  Who wouldn’t?  I’m not negative on purpose!”

Well let me tell ya, sister….it’s more difficult to accept that positive energy than you’d think!  A big part of the process means being genuinely happy for someone else’s happiness.  That might seem like a no-brainer but let’s be honest…how often do we compare our lives to our friends on social media?  Or other professionals in your industry?  Or hell, even the characters on our favorite tv shows!  (God Wink!  That podcast episode I just told ya about covers the whole Comparison Game!  Seriously….go listen!)

Stop comparing.

Seriously.  Just stop.

Be happy for them and know that you are learning how to live your own happy.  It might not look just like theirs and that’s okay – it’s not supposed to.

Let’s start focusing on our own damn selves, mmmmmkay?

Benefits of Practicing Gratitude:

  • You get to purposely carve out time every single day – even if it’s just a few minutes – to sit quietly and focus
  • You get to take a break and disconnect from social media alerts
  • You’ll be surrounding yourself with positive thoughts
  • You’ll start going to bed and waking up in a better mood
  • You’ll realize you have positive things happening in your life – even if you hadn’t been feeling that way
  • Anxiety lessens

A Couple Gratitude Prompts

  • 5 things I’m grateful for in my life
  • 5 people who make me happy and why
  • Today this happened and I am grateful because…
  • List a challenge you’ve had, what it taught you and why you’re grateful for the experience
  • Think of the worst day you’ve had and turn it into a positive

Finding the right mindset can change everything. If you go through your days thinking you’ll never reach your goals, or things will never work out in your favor – you’re right!

You can do this!  #girlyesyoucan  (And I’m gonna be ova here preachin’ it to you until you believe me and jump on board!)

I have sooooo much confidence in you and I have soooo much confidence that learning how to control your thoughts and work towards a more positive mindset will change your life that I’m giving you a little freebie to print out and put at your desk, on your refrigerator or wherever you’re gonna see it every single day.  The only thing YOU have to do is print it out.  So go ahead….click right HERE and use the code BlogFreebie at the checkout!  You’re welcome! 🙂

Aaaaand……if you want a little more help, you can grab the Gratitude Journal!  Over 100 pages explaining the benefits of practicing gratitude and beginning a Gratitude Journal, how and why you should begin, what you need to get going and pages and pages of gratitude prompts that you’re invited to write on or simply use to get started filling your own beautiful notebook!

I’d love love love to hear your thoughts!  I’d love to know what you do in your life every single day to practice gratitude!  Leave me a note in the blog comments!

Oh!  And y’all!  Podcast Episode #4 (yaaaaassssss!!!!!  I made it to #4!) launches Wednesday mornin’!  Woot! Woot!


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