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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (but not necessarily in that order)


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Description: This was a tough one!

Have you ever had a single thought totally take on a life of its own and get all kinds of outta control?  Maybe it begins with a thought…or maybe it begins with a feeling that becomes a thought and slowly (or even sometimes super fast) it weaves its way through your mind – maybe gathering other thoughts and feelings along the way – and before you know it, that’s all you can see.

Then the pounding, racing heart begins.
Maybe you start feeling a bit light-headed.
Your throat or chest – or both! – tighten and you swear you are either choking or you can’t breathe.
And then the dread steps in.

All from one single thought.
That’s anxiety.

And it might feel like nobody understands you but I promise you – you’re not alone.

Let’s talk about it.

Encouragement from this Episode
– You have the power to define your anxiety.
– Don’t hide from your symptoms. Feel them. Get to know them so you know how to recognize them.
– If you think, “this situation is going to make me have a panic attack.” You’re more likely to have one. Stay positive! Repeat after me, “I am not going to have a panic attack today.”

Time Stamps
02:45 – My first panic attack.
07:45 – Coping with anxiety until the next attack.
11:50 – Living in “What if” constantly.
16:40 – Deep breathing ALL THE TIME. Not just in the attack.
22:25 – Stopping attacks in their tracks with prayer.

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About the Host
My name is Robin Brown and this podcast is about my lifelong struggle with anxiety, depression and a life of bullying and abuse that I had blocked out completely and my journey to finding myself again. I am the founder of Her Confident Life, Reckless Grace Boutique & Cowgirl Dreams Co. brand.
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