Take Back Control

Feeling overwhelmed?


Out of control?

You’re sure you’re about to have a heart attack, maybe a stroke, or even just lose your ever-lovin’ mind.

You just need to escape.

You’re having a panic attack.

There’s been times that I was just going about my day, feeling good, but then all of a sudden BAM!  Here it comes straight outta the blue like a freight train at full speed.  One little “thing” that somehow catches my attention…..and if you’ve ever experienced a panic attack, you are well aware that sometimes you’re not even aware of those “things”.   It seems like it all just happens for absolutely no reason whatsoever.


The mind is a very powerful thing.  You know this, right?  You can be going about your day and not even realize that your sub-consciously letting negative thoughts enter your mind.  And that usually happens so easily because, if we’ve been living with anxiety and/or panic attacks, our minds usually get stuck in this negative thought process.

Anxiety and panic can be triggered subconsciously!  I’m a firm believer in “what you think about you bring about” and your body hears everything that your mind says.  Every. Single. Thing.

So if anxiety and/or panic can be triggered sub-consciously, can it be controlled consciously?  Absolutely!

First and foremost I want you to know that even though the anxiety and panic sensations feel like they are taking over your body and your mind, that’s all they are.


Fight or flight.

And your body is listening to every thing your mind says.

But…..you are safe.

It doesn’t matter what triggered it. It doesn’t matter why it’s happening.  It doesn’t matter that you thought you were doing okay.  The only thing that matters in this moment is that you help yourself through it.   The fear that you’re experiencing in the moment is running through your body faster than your mind can relate.  That’s adrenaline.  And know this….it can’t last forever.

It will run out.

You can turn off the overwhelm.

You don’t need to feel embarrassed.

You are not losing control.

You will not die.

You don’t need to escape.

I want to help you learn to let the adrenaline run its course while helping your mind and body relax.  I want to help you learn to take back your control.

When I began to take back control, the hardest part for me was the very early feelings.  Typically referred to as the “fight or flight”, those early onset sensations of a pounding heart, shortness of breath, shaky feelings are what are body and mind grab hold of and take off with.   Those are the early feelings that typically grab hold of us and turn into the more dramatic “I’m about to die” feelings that we all experience during anxiety and/or panic.  But I promise you……although I will never tell you that you’re NOT feeling those things (because the absolute worst thing you can do to a person feeling any level of anxiety or panic is tell them they DON’T feel those things or the feelings aren’t real….because sister let me tell you – THEY ARE REAL) I will tell you that they are your body’s reactions to your mind.  And once we start getting a little bit of control over our mind, the body will jump into formation!  These feelings will pass.

And if you concentrate hard enough, you can even stop that freight train right in its damn tracks.

I’ve often referred to my own anxiety and panic as “uncomfortably comfortable”.  That means that even though I hated everything about it, I knew what to expect.  That’s such a funny statement because even though I “knew what to expect”, I was sure each sensation of anxiety meant I was surely going to die.  Or at the very least, lose my damn mind.

But my body became used to the responses.  Feeling anxiety during uncomfortable situations became the norm for me and the way my body reacted became the norm and I knew what to do for myself to get through it.

Uncomfortably comfortable became a way of life.

Learning to control the mind is no easy thing but you can do it.  Learning to replace those initial negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones will take patience.  Your mind and your body will probably fight you but you can win.  One thought at a time.

Your mind is an amazingly powerful thing….but sometimes we let those amazing powers work in an entirely wrong way.

I challenge you.

I challenge you to start turning your negative, anxiety fueling thoughts into positive ones.

I challenge you to change some of your negative, anxiety fueling behaviors into calming behaviors.

I challenge you to challenge your mind……to take back control.

I challenge you to replace what doesn’t work with what does.

Just for today.




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