PODCAST: My Journey to a Confident Life

My Journey to a Confident Life



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Description: In this introduction episode I’m going to share some of my story with you. It’s personal and raw, but I’m hoping it’s relatable to some of you who might also be struggling. I talk about the root of my anxiety, my lowest low, and how I started my journey to a confident life.

We could easily let our life experiences define us. Mine were….but I didn’t even realize it. So much anxiety and depression surrounded me for so many years and I never really understood why.

Let me tell you…it can leave you feeling defeated in every single area of your life. And once that happens, we typically fall into the comparison game…and that makes things even worse. I had been living that game though for my whole life!

– You CAN change your story. All you have to do is decide you want to. I am not promising it will be easy…..but I am promising it will be worth it.
– Ending your life is never the answer. And there is always someone to reach out to that can help you with getting clear, finding balance and creating a new path.

Robin & Denise


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About the Host
My name is Robin Brown and this podcast is about my own lifelong struggle with anxiety, depression and a life of bullying and abuse that I had blocked out completely and my journey to finding myself again. I am the founder of Her Confident Life, Reckless Grace Boutique & Cowgirl Dreams Co. brand.

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