PODCAST: Ain’t Nobody Like You, Girl

Ain’t Nobody Like You, Girl



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Description: We all do it. I’m talking about the Comparison Game. Why is it so easy for us to tend to focus on what we perceive to be all the negatives about ourselves, while focusing on all the positives we see in everyone around us?  Why do we always want what everyone else has?  Why do we think we need to be doing life the way someone else is doing life?

Unfortunately, comparing was a totally normal thing for me.  And I’m sure that for the most part, half the time I didn’t even realize I was doing it – it was that “normal” for me.  I was so used to everyone else always comparing me that I just followed along.

In this episode, I’m going to tell you where the Comparison Game is rooted and how learning a few simple tricks – the ones that I used to climb out of the ugly habit of always comparing myself to anyone around me and STILL use – that will help you instead focus on always being the absolute best version of yourself.  And it comes with a challenge!

Encouragement from this Episode

– What screws us up most is what we imagine life is supposed to be like.

– “I wish” implies “I don’t,” “I can’t,” “I’m not.” Girl, you CAN, you ARE!

– Letting other people inspire you is a good thing, but don’t focus on your negatives in the process.

– Be open to the things people compliment you on. Choose to listen and absorb the positivity.

– Do you count your blessings and actively practice gratitude?
– If you stay focused on everyone else’s blessings, you won’t ever see your own.

Time Stamps

02:35 – Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel.
07:55 – Nobody is perfect and nobody is living a painless life.
10:05 – How Robin stays away from comparison.
15:34 – Your tribe!
18:50 – I’m challenging you.

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About the Host
My name is Robin Brown and this podcast is about my lifelong struggle with anxiety, depression and a life of bullying and abuse that I had blocked out completely and my journey to finding myself again. I am the founder of Her Confident Life, Reckless Grace Boutique & Cowgirl Dreams Co. brand.

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