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I preach it all the time. It’s part of my WHY.  It was something – throughout my whole life –  I never actually did and I fought like hell to finally get to the place in my life that I COULD.   So why is there a part of me that’s sort of “in hiding”?

Why is there a part of me that’s trying to fake it?
Maybe not fake it so much as deny it?

I’ve for sure not been living it. Even though I tell YOU to.
And right now – I’m coming clean about it.

Encouragement from this Episode:

– Be confidently you. Embrace who you are. Embrace your age. .
– We’re all going to get older, doesn’t mean you have to live like you’re older.
– You’re a work in progress, always.
– A genuine smile is better than a pretty one.

Time Stamps:

03:40 – Instagram insights speak the truth.
06:00 – Hearing “At that age” all the dang time.
08:40 – Internet trolls and puppy poop.
14:40 – Your age doesn’t define you, but don’t try to hide it

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About the Host
My name is Robin Brown and this podcast is about my lifelong struggle with anxiety, depression and a life of bullying and abuse that I had blocked out completely and my journey to finding myself again. I am the founder of Her Confident Life, Reckless Grace Boutique & Cowgirl Dreams Co. brand.
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