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Outta Control!

Back about 5 weeks ago when Corona came to town and most of the world went under the Stay At Home orders, a super weird phenomenon began happening.  Seriously weird.  And up until this week I didn’t understand it AT ALL.  

People all across the world started hoarding toilet paper.

Like, legit hoarding it.

You couldn’t find the stuff anyfreakingwhere!

And I said I didn’t understand it “up until this week”………and now I’m getting it because we’re running dangerously low!  By this weekend it will be a full on scavenger hunt for the beautiful white fluffy rolls.

I’m getting off topic though. #habit

When folks were mad-dashing to the grocery stores for their damn toilet paper, I was more interested in SNACKS!  Ummm….if I’m gonna be a lock down in my home, I wanna make dang sure I have everything I could possible crave!

And I did just that.  Grabbed everything I might even possibly want 4 weeks from then.  (**insert face palm emoji here**)

And you know what has followed during the last 5 weeks?  Take a guess.  Go on…….I’ll give you a hot second.





Yep…quarantine is all fun + games until you try to put your jeans on.

You too?

Well, it’s time to buckle down girl!  And I got you!

I have created a little freebie for us!  It’s an all-in-one meal planner, food/mood/goal tracker and absolutely I got some good affirmations in there because I’m alllllll about positive vibes.

Just click right here to GRAB YOURS!

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