Feeling Lost?

It’s such an unsettling time in our history, right?

Back in early March, most of our lives changed in ways that we never could have imagined.   And it seems like everywhere you turn, that’s all you see.  Coronavirus.   The unknown can be a very scary thing for all of us and we all deal with it in different ways.  I think something that adds to the stress of it all is seeing friends that aren’t normally full of stress or anxiety actually experiencing it.

So many of us are in quarantine right now – “Stay Home” officially – and maybe you’re feeling a little bit isolated?   You’re not alone.  Which is why right now is the most important time to make your mental and physical health a priority to keep you grounded.  You know I’m about to start preaching about Self Love + Self Care right now, right?

Self care during isolation is going to mean different things to different people.  And because it’s such a strange time that none of us has ever experienced and we’re all just learning to navigate through, your own self care can look different from one day to the next.  A perfect example?  On Monday I was eating Brown Sugar + Cinnamon Pop-Tarts, mashed potatoes + gravy and ice cream with Hershey’s syrup for dessert while spending most of my day wondering if this is my new normal not for just right now but for FOREVER.   (Quit yer judging. 😉 )


Today I’m better.  Today I’m feeling more positive.  Today I actually turned on a video and did some yoga……and it felt AMAZING.  (Yes, I actually did yoga!)

By now you gotta know…….I’m a self love + self care junkie and something I believe in 100% with all my heart is MINDSET.  And I’ve noticed that during this crazy weird time we’re all going through is that when I let my brain take over even one negative thought that maybe came from something I saw on Facebook earlier in the day, I don’t try as hard to change my thoughts.

The fear takes over.

The anxiety takes over.

The chaos of the unknown takes over.

And I let it.

Those are key words right there.  “I LET IT.”

Are you struggling with that too?  I got you, boo.

I’m hoping that you’ll take full advantage of this gift I designed for both of us.  Let’s dive in to some self care together.  All ya gotta do is click right below and print it out!


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