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Closet Purge!

You know how back in January every single one of us (okay, maybe not every single one but close!) was thinking about all the changes we’re gonna make for the shiny new year?

How’s that going? (I plead the 5th!)

I don’t know if it’s a thing or not, but Spring has its own “it’s time to do this” with me. What am I talkin’ about?


I’d like to tell you that I do this every single year….but I’ve never lied to you before and I’m not going to start now. 😉  Truth is, it’s every couple of years.

But THIS is THE year!

How do I know that this is the year?  How do YOU know that this should be YOUR year???  Well, if you’re tired of opening your closet doors to an overstuffed space that you can sorta push your way through to see what’s there…..and come out a few minutes later thinkin’ “Oh laaaawd….I got nothin’ to wear!” then girl….it’s time!

Right half of my closet
Left half of my closet















I know. I know. Getting rid of stuff – especially clothes – is hard!  I can pull one tee out, look at it and come up with a gazillion reasons why it should remain hanging in my closet. Can I get an AMEN!?  #iactuallycollecttees #itsathing

This year, #iaintdoinit. Nope. I’m sticking to my guns and I’m following my own dang rules for closet purging.  And I’m about to share them with you. (Because for real….the longer I sit here and type up this blog entry, the longer I can put off getting rid of some stuff!) 😉

So here’s my Closet Purging Strategy…...

  1. Does it still fit?  That’s the easiest place to start. Go ahead…try it on. (I hate this part!)  Listen…there is no shame in something that doesn’t fit. Our bodies change!  It’s a fact of life. And maybe something you love is just a little bit off (I can’t justify tossing those things just yet!). But if it doesn’t zip up, if you can’t move your arms, if you literally can’t breathe – toss it!  Seriously…..that piece isn’t doing you any favors. Clothes that don’t fit – whether too small or too big – feel uncomfortable and look awful.
  2. Pieces you haven’t worn in a year.  Ha!  This can be a tough one!  “I didn’t wear this sweater last winter…but maybe I will this winter.”  Let’s face it…..there’s a reason you didn’t wear it last winter. And that reason is probably still gonna hang around from year to year. Maybe you absolutely loved it when you bought it but for whatever reason, you don’t love it now. There’s no shame in that, either!  If you’re trying to tell yourself that you DO still love it, try this:  Take it off the hanger. Put it on. Go do your grocery shopping and all your other Saturday errands. And see how you feel about wearing it. 🙂
  3. If you saw it on the rack at your favorite shop, would you still buy it today? Does it still fit your style?  Omgosh….I have so many things hanging in my closet that the answer to that question is a big ol’ NO!  I’ll be honest, there’s a few that I look at and wonder “what the hell was I thinking???”  A good example…..the absolutely gorgeous pair of black heels (more like stilts!) that have sparkly stuff all over the top of them…..but seriously…..I LOVE them but what was I thinking!?  There’s no way on God’s earth that I could ever walk in them.  For real… would require a helmet, knee pads and probably a walker. But man oh man – they are gorgeous!  And they’re on their way out.
  4. It’s wearing out. This is an easy one. If the jeans have stains on them (seriously….I have an absolute favorite pair of Rock Revival jeans in my closet that, during a photo shoot, I knelt down into what I thought was bird shit but it just won’t come out. And it’s a big spot. BUT….they’re my favorite jeans! I don’t know….maybe bird shit stains will become a thing and I’ll need these jeans someday???), toss them into the pile.  They’ve been sitting on a shelf for 2 years. Or the sweaters that are getting all fuzzy and pilling?  There is nothing attractive about wearing pieces that are wearing out.
  5. Everyone else is wearing it.  So what!?  If you bought something because you see women walking around in “that style” everywhere….maybe it’s the current trendy thing but you feel awkward wearing it?  What’s the point of keeping it?  If you skip over it because you’re not comfortable, you’re probably going to keep skipping over it. Just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean it has to be right for you.
  6. Would you buy it right now?  So…..let’s take grocery shopping. I tend to be kind of a picky eater. Kind of. And when I go grocery shopping, if I see something new or something I haven’t tried yet, I can almost immediately tell if it’s something I’m gonna buy and actually try…..or something that I’m buying because everyone else is buying it and it’s probably gonna sit in the pantry because I’m probably not going to eat it! (But I get points for buying it, right??? No.) Same with your closet! When you open your closet door, you should be choosing from pieces that you absolutely adore and would buy again if you saw it in the store because you LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing it!

Now…..don’t get me wrong….there are exceptions to alllll rules!  The bad part of that is YOU make your own rules. And we have a habit of creating rules that will keep stuff in our closet forEVA so we don’t have to go through the trauma of parting with it. #maybeidothis

For example….I have a pair of Ariat cowboy boots sitting in my closet that are waaaaaaaay old and may never wear again,…but they ain’t goin’ anywhere!

I have a ginormous sentimental attachment to those boots and when I open that end of my closet, rather than “ugg….there’s those boots…taking up space!” feeling…..I smile.

Your clothes…your style…everything that you own and wear is all an outward expression of who you are.  Your pieces can tell part of your story. They can represent your personality.  And those pieces should make you feel so great when you wear them!

So girls…..are you gonna join me?  Are you gonna rid your closet of all those pieces that don’t serve you in the best way possible?  Let me know in the comments those few pieces that maybe aren’t “just right” anymore but you can’t bear to part with. We’ll all be your “closet purge support group”.

The time is right now! #imstartingtoday    Maybe I should plan a “Closet Purge Post” day so I really stick to my plan. 😉


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