The Journey

30 Day Self-Discovery Challenge – Day #1

I’m so excited that you’re here with me!!!  

Give yourself a big ‘ol pat on the back because the hardest part of starting anything?  It’s that FIRST STEP!  And look!  You’ve conquered the hardest part because you are here!  So yay!

All that’s required for this 30 Day Self-Discovery Challenge is a notebook, your fave writing tool (you can even do it on the computer if you want to but for me – having a notebook and pen in my hand and curling up in a comfy spot to really think about what I’m writing is one of the things I absolutely love!) and your favorite spot for quiet time.

An enormous part of my journey since a few years back when I was learning all the “truths” about my life and got in my truck with the intentions of ending my life has been learning exactly who I am and what sets my soul on fire.  Asking myself some really big questions, going on a search for the answers and honestly – getting to know myself for probably the first time in my life.  And let me tell you – there has been loads of confusion in all of that!

The questions I’m going to ask you during this challenge are the same questions that I asked – and answered – myself.   There’s no deadline.  Nobody is going to be checking your answers to see if they’re “right”.  Nobody is going to be questioning anything that you put down on paper.  Nobody but YOU even needs to see it!  The important thing here is first, to be completely honest in your answers.  If you’re not, you’re not letting the challenge help you discover YOU.  And second, I want you to really think about your answers!  Again – nobody is going to see them but you so start off 2020 by being open and honest with yourself.

And in case you’re wondering?  I’m going to be doing this challenge right along with you!  And 30 days from now?  We’ll meet up and talk about it!

So…….here’s your Day #1 exercise:

I’m not sure about you but I know this one is gonna produce a LOT of writing from yo girl!

See you right back here tomorrow!


    • robinbrown

      I LOVE that you’re joining in Julie! You’ve been through so much in the last few years and I’m honored that you chose THIS to help you begin the next chapter! I’m always here to chat….I hope you know that!

    • robinbrown

      It’s easy to fall into doubt about faith and God when you feel like you’ve been spiraling in a dark circle all by yourself. I know. I’ve been there. And I know how when one thing seems just too much, it can make all the things seem “just too much”. You’re preaching to the choir, sister. And I hope that I can be some small string of hope for you to grasp onto and start to see some light in your tunnel. Much love…..

  • Terry Perault

    I love this and have thought about it often!

    Put God FIRST! Get as much education as your brain can hold. Don’t settle for what comes along, go for what you want. Live healthy. Save your money. Think before you act. Forgive yourself for mistakes, learn the lesson and move on. Look for the positive in everything. Don’t give anyone control over you and follow your dreams.

    This is going to be interesting, enlightening and scary, but I’m ready.

    • robinbrown

      Yaaaassss!!!! God first – ALWAYS!
      And it’s something I think about often as well….and every year it seems like I find new things that I would have told my younger self. But that’s because every single year we grow and change and learn….which is part of the beauty of life’s journey!

      For sure this challenge will be interesting and enlightening….I hope it gives you some “ah ah” moments as well! And yep – scary too. The first time I actually did this – a few years ago – I was hesitant because I had no idea where it would lead me. But I love that it’s led me right to where I am – with a passion of helping others navigate all the things. Love to you!

      • Terry Perault

        This first day has already started the year off right. I’m excited about the challenge, a lot of big changes are coming for me this year. I decided to read my Dads devotional this year to help me through all the feels and I didnt burn dinner! Lol off to a good start! Thank you Robin!

        • robinbrown

          Hahahahahaha! I literally just blew bubbles in my coffee mug reading “……and I didn’t burn dinner!” Sister – if you only knew my cooking adventures! (insert face palm emoji right here!) Maybe your dad’s devotional is exactly what you’re supposed to read this year. 😉 I’m excited to see what this challenge reveals to you and yes – 2020 IS going to be a year of growth, healing and all the magical things for ALL OF US! Much love…..

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