The Journey

30 Day Challenge – Day 9

Just look at you, all consistent and shit!  And I’m proud of you!

Why is it that we can so easily jump into telling telling the world all the things we don’t like about ourselves???  And why, when someone pays us a compliment, do we respond back with a negative?  For example…..“I love your hair” (one I get a ton of so it’s one that comes to mind first) and I come back with “thanks BUT……”

The hair example is just a little thing but it’s an example.  Trust me – I do it with the big things as well!

My husband and I had a conversation recently about 2 guys that were applying for positions in his company.  I’m not really sure what kind of jobs they were applying for, but some sort of service + mechanic + or something.  And part of the interview process is personality testing…..and part of the personality testing is getting folks to tell him what they’re good at.

He told me that most every single person that he’s EVER interviewed – so not just these 2 guys – struggles with this!  My big question???  WHY???

Look…..we’re all good at something.  Probably multiple things. And we all have unique qualities, too.  Why do we have to feel like we’re tooting our own horn when we let the world see that part of us?  We should be celebrating it!

So today’s challenge:

(Random #truthbomb:  do you know that I had to Google the word “possess” 4 different times because I was SURE I was spelling it wrong???  All those “S”‘s just didn’t look right!)

I don’t want you to be afraid to answer this!  Remember….nobody needs to see it but you.  And I KNOW you have some great qualities that are just YOU!


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