The Journey

30 Day Challenge – Day 30

Here we are.  The last day.  You made it!  I’m so proud of you!!!

It took me a very long time to become a “focus on the positive” kinda girl.  Not gonna lie – there’s still days that I fall back down and all I can see is the negative.  I mean, c’mon….we’re all human here and there is no way I’m gonna sit here and type words to you that are a flat out lie.  “I never have bad days…..I never have negative thoughts”.  Nope.  Because the truth is that I for sure DO.  As a matter of fact – this whole week has been a doozy for me.

But even when I’m having one of those days and I feel like everything around me is one giant negative, I DO catch myself and purposefully change my thoughts.

If you don’t know by now (but if you’ve been around for any length of time you for sure know!) that I am big on mindset.  Never was there a more true statement than “our thoughts become our reality” and what we think, we become.

I AM…..

  • faithful

  • strong

  • smart

  • brave

  • kind

  • empathetic

  • curious

  • mindful

  • determined

  • fun

  • encouraging

  • giving

  • hopeful

You’ve done 29 exercises.  Your last exercise is to complete this sentence as many times as you can using only one word.

See you back here tomorrow for a re-cap!

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