The Journey

30 Day Challenge – Day 16

Not gonna lie……this could be a touchy subject for me!

Creating habits.

No…..I didn’t say “breaking habits”.  I said “creating habits”.

And girl, from the list of habits I should break, there’s a list right next to it of habits I should create to replace them! (insert my favorite face palm emoji!)

But wait.  I’m getting a little off track here because this is not an exercise that involves picking yourself apart and making a list of all your bad habits.  It’s not an exercise in thinking about all the things you think you want or need to change.


As a matter of fact, it’s just the opposite.  And it’s probably not going to be as easy as you might think!

When you think about this exercise question, I don’t want you to think about ANYTHING currently in your life.  Not a thing.  I don’t want your answers to be something you have to work on changing + shifting or anything of the sort.  I don’t want your answer to be something you’ll use to replace something you aren’t going to use.  Get what I’m saying?

For this exercise, you have no bad habits.  (—-> “For this exercise” <— because let’s be real, we ALL have bad habits, amiright???)  Anyway….for this exercise you are a clean slate.  No bad habits to break.  I want you to think about CREATING.  BEGINNING.  

Starting something new.  

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