The Journey

30 Day Challenge – Day 15

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You’ve made it to the half-way mark!

Give yourself a big ‘ol high five because you deserve it!

Today is going to be a “take a deep breath and reflect” exercise.

I want you to head to your comfy spot with your notebook + paper, light a candle and read back over the first 14 days of our challenge.

If the mood hits and you feel like adding to each day, do it!

The main point of today is to simply reflect on what you’ve already written.  Really think about each day.

If one day grabs your attention more than another, there’s a reason……so focus on that day.

Do you see any patterns?

Have you learned something about yourself?

Have you been able to be really raw in your answers?  Or have you held back?

Do you feel good about a specific day?

Have you noticed any shifts in your mindset or habits after a certain days exercise?

After you’ve spent some time reflecting on our first 14 days, I simply want you to write what you feel.

Happy Reflecting!

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