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30 Day Challenge – Day 12

We’re on Day #12 of our Self-Discovery Challenge.

It’s Sunday morning and honestly, I woke up much earlier than I planned to.  Rob and I were super busy around the house yesterday during our “unprecedented storm” here in Michigan….TONS OF RAIN!  (Like, 3″ fell and there’s flooding everywhere.)  Knowing the weather forecast we had just planned to stay home and inside all day… we had projects going!   We also knew that the weather predictions were for temps to drop overnight.

Anyway…..back to waking up this morning.  I had THE worst sinus headache + pressure and it was telling me to get outta bed.

Just barely light out, I grabbed some Tylenol, brewed a cup of attitude adjustment and sat down at my desk.

The view from my desk is through an enormous picture window (seriously….it’s huge.  The person that made this decision back in 1952 was NOT thinking it through.  It’s literally ceiling to floor + wall to wall.  HUGE.  And no opening. ) that looks out into my backyard.  I LOVE the view.

But this morning when I sat down – sipping my coffee and waiting for Tylenol to work – the view from last night had changed so much!  Like…..completely.

Last night?  Pouring down rain + flooded areas = just MESSY.

This morning?  Less than 12 hours later?  Everything has a dusting of snow and the flooded area is one big ice rink.

And that’s how life goes.  It can all change soooo fast.  And God has a way of reminding us of that.

But I think we get stuck on thinking about that in only the negative way.  We especially think about it when we suffer a loss or hear about large scale devastation happening to others or in other parts of the world.  It’s natural to think about it then.

But why can’t we also think about it when the good stuff happens???

So…..let’s try it.

Today’s challenge exercise… may feel like chaos surrounds you but……

And if I’m a bettin’ girl, I’d lay money down that you have more than one!


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