• Outta Control!

    Back about 5 weeks ago when Corona came to town and most of the world went under the Stay At Home orders, a super weird phenomenon began happening.  Seriously weird.  And up until this week I didn’t understand it AT ALL.   People all across the world started hoarding toilet paper. Like, legit hoarding it. You couldn’t find the stuff anyfreakingwhere! And I said I didn’t understand it “up until this week”………and now I’m getting it because we’re running dangerously low!  By this weekend it will be a full on scavenger hunt for the beautiful white fluffy rolls. I’m getting off topic though. #habit When folks were mad-dashing to the grocery…

  • 30 Day Challenge – Day 30

    Here we are.  The last day.  You made it!  I’m so proud of you!!! It took me a very long time to become a “focus on the positive” kinda girl.  Not gonna lie – there’s still days that I fall back down and all I can see is the negative.  I mean, c’mon….we’re all human here and there is no way I’m gonna sit here and type words to you that are a flat out lie.  “I never have bad days…..I never have negative thoughts”.  Nope.  Because the truth is that I for sure DO.  As a matter of fact – this whole week has been a doozy for me.…

  • 30 Day Challenge – Day 29

    And here we are.  Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge! Today’s exercise is probably going to require some thinking.  It for sure did for me. Your message to the world should come from your personal life experiences…….and you can have more than one!  Girl…..when I started thinking about the message I wanted to share with the world?  I filled up front + back of a piece of notebook paper!  😉

  • 30 Day Challenge – Day 27

    I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of 30 days!   You know…..sometimes in life, even though we’ve made one choice, something catapults us into a different direction and we find ourselves walking down a totally new path.  I’m living proof that, although I chose to follow it, sometimes life makes choices for you. With that being said, I think that sometimes we tend to try to brush off the little nudges that show up in life.  Nudges that your soul + the universe gang up to toss at you.  Nudges that if you started acting on just might change your course and lead you in an entirely different direction…..and that…

  • 30 Day Challenge – Day 26

    You’ll see it a lot across social media. 10 Fun Facts About Me. 10 Random Facts About Me. 10 Get To Know Me Facts. It’s supposed to be done in a sort of “rapid fire”  way…….not too much thought put into it because hey, who knows you better than YOU?  😉 Today’s challenge exercise…… Write down what comes to your mind first!