Cowgirl Dreams Co.,  The Journey

An Introduction Is In Order!

You know…..there’s so many new email subscriptions to this blog and I decided that I should probably re-introduce myself for those that don’t know me. (Especially since I’ve been asking y’all to go vote for us in the Boutique Awards!)

I don’t know how to do anything short & sweet so I’ll apologize ahead of time if this gets wordy…because it probably will.

So……hello! I’m Robin. And I’m the owner behind Reckless Grace Boutique and the Cowgirl Dreams Co.™ brand. 🙂  We are a mobile and online boutique out of southeastern Michigan – right on the Detroit River and Lake Erie.

The boutique actually began as Cowgirl Dreams Co.™ with a gorgeous black trailer and the big giant pink pony logo on all 4 sides. But after doing markets for 2 years, we found that some people didn’t come inside because “they didn’t wear cowgirl stuff”…..and knowing we couldn’t drag them in to see that the boutique wasn’t just cowgirl or western stuff, we decided that changing the name of the boutique was the best idea, and then concentrating on bringing the Cowgirl Dreams Co.™ brand to life and also birthing the newest baby – Her Confident Life™!

I get asked often how I came up with the name Reckless Grace Boutique.  Well……this whole journey – the boutique and the brand – reflect my own personal journey.  And the name Reckless Grace comes from the parable that in part reads  “Jesus leaving behind 99 to go in search of that 1 seems reckless…….unless you’re that 1.”

I was that one.

The Cowgirl Dreams Co.™ brand and logo represents strength, courage, hope and faith……because I needed all of those to survive and overcome.  I’m still a work in progress. I probably always will be. And that’s okay.

Reckless Grace Boutique™,  Cowgirl Dreams Co.™ brand and Her Confident Life™ truly believes in lifting up and supporting other women (actually, all humans but this is a women’s boutique and brand!) to believe in themselves, step out of their comfort zones and feel confident – as much as any of us can – in who we are.  If I can help you do that – even in the smallest of ways – well, that’s my goal.

I’ve been pretty open throughout this journey about who I am and my struggles…..
I have battled depression
I came very close to taking my own life a few years back.
I fight against anxiety ever single day. And I don’t take medication because I’m terrified of it.
I battled eating disorders for many, many years.
I was bullied my whole entire life. By both the kids at school and my mom.
I can’t cook to save my life. I’ve tried!  There are several dishes I can make without too much of a struggle but Rob – my saint of a husband – does most of the cooking.  Seriously, y’all….I have no idea why he married me.
I have THE worst eating habits of anyone you’ll ever meet. Every year I make a resolution to fix it but I never follow through.  You would die if you knew what I eat daily.
I am AWKWARD!!!  For realz!  Get to know me and you’ll see….I’m gonna be your most awkward friend.
I do NOT like taking pictures for the website or going LIVE, but that’s part of this business and I do it myself because I AM my target customer – a woman that is not ready to lay down and quit life just because I’m a certain age.
In case you’re wondering – I’m 57.  (Ssshhhh – don’t tell anyone.)
I have big dreams to write a book, write a daily motivational book, become a popular podcaster and motivational speaker.  Hey….if you don’t dream big, you may as well not dream!
I am fiercely loyal to my friends. The people I love.  I don’t have a BIG circle, but I have the best circle. I would walk over hot coals for them.
I was adopted.
My joggers, yoga pants, leggings and gym shorts are LIFE.
I have a sassy Golden Retriever that just turned a year old on July 19 named River, the coolest damn 4 year old cat to ever walk the planet named Roper, and Ryleigh, my 19 year old QH that inspired the Cowgirl Dreams Co.™ brand.

I am an open book. I LOVE when you ask me questions and I’ll pretty much answer anything – and be truthful – because there’s a saying that goes something like, “Tell your story because your struggle can be someone else’s survival guide.”  Asking questions opens up actual conversation and I want to get to know YOU too!

That’s pretty much me in a nutshell.

Have you ever seen that image going around that says “Every time you support a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.” ?
That’s me. I’m not exaggerating. I do.
And that’s why it would mean so much to me if you would take a moment and support Reckless Grace Boutique in the Boutique Awards.

All ya gotta do is go to: and
***Scroll to Category #1 (Favorite Michigan Boutique) and start typing in Reckless Grace – it will come up!  Then scroll to Category #4 (Favorite Mobile Boutique) and then choose Reckless Grace and then at the bottom, type in your email address.  There will be a tiny box just below that allowing you to opt out of The Boutique Hub emails.  Then click VOTE or SUBMIT!
***You’ll get a THANK YOU FOR VOTING screen pop up. If you screenshot that THANK YOU and then go directly to the business Facebook Page and
***Find the post I made (it’s pinned to the top of the page) about the awards (you’ll see other screenshots in the comments!) with the graphic below and
post your screenshot, your name will be entered into our drawing for a $300 store credit as my way of saying a ginormous heartfelt THANK YOU. (The drawing will be held on Thursday, August 29 at 8pm EST during our Chaos & Conversation on our Facebook business page!

——–> Look for this graphic pinned to the top of our business page!

Because I truly am grateful for every single one of you. And yes….after you post your screenshot, I will celebrate with a happy dance!

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  • Jill Davison

    Wow Robin, I knew there was something about you that pulled me to you. If I didn’t know better I would say you have been spying on me. Except for not being adopted and having a QH, you have just my story (although I have always wanted a horse. I’m so jealous! ) I’ve always believed you are pulled to the people that are supposed to be in your life.

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